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DOMBRA of New Time Dogs

Black Standard Poodle

d.o.b. 10.03.2021

import: Germany

dam: ALLYSUM ALBA of New Time Dogs (Germany)

sire OH JACKSON JUN of Vienna Highlights (Austria)

After 3 years collecting experiences, we decided to buy another poodle - this time female. And this is how our dream lady after many months of waiting, appeared in our home. 

Dombra is the first imported dog in our home. She is from Germany.

She has many top kennels in her blood. They are both american and european lines. Dombra in her pedigree connects european lines like  Samarcanda, Huffish or Jasenak with wonderful american  Penndragon or Kaylen's. 

Dombra 1 rok


dombra of new time dogs.png
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