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JUKO Bati-Bel

Black standard poodle


d.o.b. 09.10.2018 

HEALTH TESTS: HD-A, ED:00, prcd-PRA:clear, DM;clear, rcd4-PRA;clear, vWDI;clear, NEWS;carrier

Junior Champion of Poland

Junior Champion of Czech Republic

Junior Winner of Poland 2019

Open Champion of Poland

CRUFT'S 2020 nominations

Fryderyk is the first male who ever appeared in our home. Representative of the breed that turned out to be our love.

Fryderyk is the perfect dog. Work with him is the pure pleasure. He retains his dignity on dog shows but also puts effort during frisbee trainings. He can focus on working despite the distractions.

He always gets beautiful notes from judges and words of appreciation. Fryderyk is the big poodle with efficient movement and nice exterier.

Although he is young, his list of achievements is constantly growing.

In 2020 he became a stud dog..

Small funfact - his name comes from polish composer - Frederic Chopin

Fryderyk (JUKO Bati-Bel)


juko bat-bel.png
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