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In 2017, the first samoyed female appeared in our home. It was Ginger from Powiew Polnocy kennel. 

Ginger is the dog who started all idea with samoyed kennel. We started to get to know the breed and structure of the polish kennel club (ZKwP) However, she has never been and never will be an breeding female

Soon we welcomed Luna from Siberian Love kennel near Warsaw and our New Year's Eve star - Wendy from Art Of Joy in Wrocław. 

In 2018 our kennel was registered under the name Snow-White Melody in FCI

In the meantime, we welcomed the one-of-a-kind and unique Fryderyk, our first standard poodle, with whom we delved even more effectively into cyno sports, grooming and the world of shows. He was a dream come true. . Thanks to him, 3 years later, we decided to buy another poodle, who was our first imported dog - Dombra from german kennel Of New Time Dogs.


In 2019, we had the first samoyed litter in our kennel. Litter A was our first and long-awaited litter - then we began the hardships of breeding and experienced our own "miracle of birth".





When I choose a stud for my dog, I look at mainly these three things. Fathers of our litters are always healthy dogs with valid examinations. I pay particular attention to diseases that are common in the breed. I'm checking carefully pedigrees of parents to see inbreeds and also to make sure if there's no dog who can transfer risk of genetic disease. In our pedigree lines there are always dogs, that are significant for breed.

Also I'm trying to breed dogs with good exterior which is compatible with FCI standard




Each puppy is absolutely unique to us. Every samoyed carries its own story. It is amazing and beautiful to watch how, from the day of birth, the baby turns into a beautiful representative of its breed. We are bursting with pride and joy that our breeding plans, sometimes maybe difficult, and dreams come true. Each litter has its priceless value.

We maintain contact by phone and e-mail with each of the new owners, and from time to time we organize family meetings. We try to make everyone feel like in a small samoyed family.

From year to year, our kennel is growing, new plans are coming, we continue to educate ourselves and gain new experiences.

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