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Karolina Góralska 


Dog enthusiast, whose biggest dream in childhood was having a dog. In school during every break, she was reading about breeds, their standards and made the librarian's life difficult. 

She is involved in ZKwP since the age of 15 and member since 16. Karolina is still trying to expand cynological knowledge; she was a member of many handling seminars, she is learning grooming, she trains her dogs and everyday learning about pedigrees and history of samoyeds and poodles.

In 2021 Karolina completed basic grooming course. / Gdańsk Ambernova

Except her fascination with dog, her heart belongs to music. She is singing for 10 years and playing various instruments for 13 years. Since 2015 she is studying opera singing. Every year Karolina has the pleasure to appear at several concerts. 

Irena Góralska

Irena's house was always full of animals but she dreamed of purebreed dog. When she saw samoyeds, she just fell in love - people who are in love can't sleep. It was similar with her! 

Because this is person who doesn't know what ''impossible'' means and she isn't afraid of dreaming, soon in home appeared Ginger, who started big mother's-daughter's passion. 

In 2019 Irena completed basic grooming course. / Poznań Doggie Style

Besides that, her second passion is music. She has been organist for 20 years. 

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